team overview

This group formed with hand-picked pilots from around the USA with the unified goal of pushing our skills to their limits and beyond with a broad focus on nearly all types of kiting in almost any possible condition or environment… We are most recognizable for our exceptional speed and complex combinations on quad line kites but also enjoy dual line flying as well, both indoors and out.

Since all our members live in various parts of the country we focus on concentrated, hard core flying sessions at the events we attend together – it’s a state of mind that encourages us to never “arrive” skill-wise, we always want to try something we’ve never done before and do it in such a way that folks observing can either learn or feel the excitement for themselves.

We proudly fly a variety of kites, highlighting designs from Kite Forge including the Djinn and Kaiju.

Core TKL Members

John Barresi - Kite Team Member

John Barresi
Portland OR

Scott Benz - Kite Team Member

Scott Benz
Jacksonville FL

Eli Russell - Kite Team Member

Eli Russell
Medford OR

Brett Marchel - Kite Team Member

Brett Marchel
New Boston MI

Carl Norman
Portland OR