Geoff HuttonScottsdale AZ USA

Geoff started flying single line kites at age 10 off the back of his bicycle in Phoenix, Arizona, but the flying bug really bit in 2020 when he got his first taste of quad team flying. Since that time, he’s seized every opportunity via quad clinics and festivals and made his team debut at WSIKF 2022, since earning a recurring, regular spot in the TKL line up at events around the country.

Beyond team flying, Geoff also enjoys dual line indoor / urban flying, quad line solo flying on short lines, helping others learn to fly, and exploring new skills on dual line team kites.

In a non-flying role, Geoff is the mastermind behind all of the design work on new 3D printed projects for Kite Forge including the KŪBE dogstake and more.

Sample Videos